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The Mystery of the Vanishing Pets

Love the 3D's Series? Book 4, The Mystery of the Vanishing Pets is HERE! 

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Grungy Paper
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Grungy Paper
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Janis’s stories ignite the joy of reading; encouraging a young reader’s imagination to step into her stories to experience the adventures of her beloved characters. In addition to The 3Ds Series, she has written two other series for younger children: Max & Colby Adventures, and The "Why Did?" Series Janis hopes the stories she imagines will ignite the joy of reading in each child, and this joy will encourage the young reader to reach for another and another book.

At the age of 10 Janis began writing neighborhood plays for her friends in Louisville, KY. Over the years these stories evolved into various children’s books. She loves to use the real stories of the family pets and the children in her stories. Janis earned a master’s degree in French Literature from University of KY and a diploma in French History from the Sorbonne, Université de Paris, She taught French in KY, MA, and NH where she encouraged her students to write creatively in another language. Watch for more stories!

Interested in learning French? Watch our exclusive videos created by the The Franco-American Centre in Manchester, NH.


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New Hampshire, United States

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